Cannabis Policy News and Views

Cannabis Policy News and Views

Ben Adlin, "Hawaii Senate Passes Marijuana Legalization Bill," Marijuana Moment, March 5, 2024. — “'Although this is an imperfect bill that still contains far too many elements of criminalization, it’s welcome news to have a viable adult-use legalization bill that can be improved upon when it reaches the House,' said Nikos Leverenz, of the Drug Policy Forum of Hawai’i and the Hawai’i Health and Harm Reduction Center"

"Russell Ruderman: Half The Country Can't Be Wrong. It's Time For Hawaii To Legalize Marijuana,” Honolulu Civil Beat, February 20, 2024.  — "If we’re really talking about protecting people from harm, legal safe cannabis is a big step forward.”

"In response to anti-legalization of marijuana, Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii weighs in on the debate," Hawaii News Now, Feb. 8, 2024. 

Ben Aldin, "Hawaii AG’s Marijuana Legalization Bill Formally Lands In State Legislature, But Advocates Urge Major Revisions," Marijuana Moment, January 31, 2024

"Dr. Bryon Adinoff and Wendy Gibson-Viviani: Many reasons to legalize cannabis," Star Advertiser, Jan. 30, 2024,  -- "Cannabis production and distribution should be regulated and controlled, and the industry should be equitable and just. Let’s make 2024 the year Hawaii stops being islands of prohibition.”

Keani Rawlins-Fernandez, Jeanné Kapela, Nikos Leverenz: "End Cannabis Prohibition To Benefit Hawaii’s Underserved Communities," Honolulu Civil Beat, December 20, 2023 -- "Hawaii deserves better. Cannabis legalization can reduce the scope and reach of Hawaii’s criminal legal system upon those from under-resourced Native Hawaiian and Pasifika communities."

Winter 2023 Report, Pacific Resource Partnerships. — 58% of Hawaii's residents support legalizing adult-use marijuana with licensing, regulation, and taxation.

"Former Kauai County prosecuting attorney Justin Kollar: Legal adult-use cannabis boosts safety," Honolulu Star Advertiser, Dec. 12, 2023